New Rock Phosphate Terminal in the South Zone of Aqaba Port Complex
Earthworks and Foundations

Construction of a rock-fill dam with storage capacity of one million cubic meters and a water treatment plant for potable water. 

Scope of work included design, engineering, construction details, supply, erection and installation of slope stability system increasing the factor of safety for existing slopes.The system consists of slope stability using ground anchoring with Huesker’s Incomat® concrete mattress. Total slopes area is approximately 17,600 square meters.

This system is exceptional as it is the first time to be implemented in the region. The design adopts the use steel anchors to be drilled into the existing slopes for a designed depth and to be connected to Huesker’s Incomat® concrete mattress to meet the stability requirement of the project and provide pressure relief system in case of built up water pressure occurred in which may affect the slope stability.The Incomat mattress will be anchored at the slopes crest.

Huesker’s Incomat® is a construction system for earthworks engineering, foundation & hydraulic engineering. It is the technically reliable and economic alternative to conventional slope and bed protection systems using geotextiles. It consists of two very strong synthetic fibers plies specially linked with each other as the formwork which is filled with impermeable, high strength concrete. Total volume of infill concrete is approximately 2,200 cubic meters.

Scope also included the installing of monitoring system for the measurements of future deformations of the slopes.

Geosynthetic Material Used:

  • Huesker/ Incomat® concrete mattress / Stan 20.112.


New Rock Phosphate Terminal in the South Zone of Aqaba Port Complex
Aqaba- Jordan
Jordan Phosphate Mines Company PLC.
AFCONS Infrastructure Ltd.
Our Role
GES is a Subcontractor for EPC of slope stability system