Design & Construction of Al Hofuf- AlIhsa Sanitary Landfill
Enviromental Engineering
GES handled the entire landfill design & construction of an area consisting of
330,000 m2.
The design of the landfills included:
  • Geometrical design including cut and fill sections, among other details.
  • Stability analysis including geotechnical stability.
  •  Stability analysis of lining systems including stresses and interface shear strength requirements.
  •  Settlement analysis and bearing capacity analysis.
  •  Leachate collection system design including puncture protection (textile weight and filter criteria), generation rates, textile and granular soil specs,pipe strength design, sump capacity, and pump specs.
  •  Anchor Trench Design
Procurement, Installation & QC testing of one layer of HDPE Geomembrane liner and two layers of non-woven geotextile fabric.
Geosynthetic Material Used:
  •   Atarfil/ HDPE Geomembrane/ Smooth/ 1.50 mm
  •   Non-woven Geotextile/ PP/ 350 gm/m2
Design & Construction of Al Hofuf- AlIhsa Sanitary Landfill
Al-Ihsa, KSA
Al-Ihsa Municipality
Arabian Building Support & Rehabilitation Co. Ltd “ABSAR”
Our Role
GES-Design,Supply ,and Construction of the Landfill.