Dhofar Beach Resort & Spa
Earthworks and Foundations
The Project is a beachfront resort complex consists of  five-stars resort, restaurants, water sports facilities, hotel apartments and villas. The total built-up area of the project is approximately 80,000 square meters.
MGES scope of work divided into three parts:
Part-1 includes providing all required enabling works for the Project’s construction stage including the supply of temporary site facilities with all necessary substances of furniture, IT system and equipment for Project’s Client/Owner, PM & Consultant teams, site fencing, site hoarding and signage boards.
Part-2 Involves earthworks activities that include excavation of (100,000 cubic meters) and backfilling.
Part-3 is Design, supply and installation of soil improvement system by using Geosynthetic reinforced soil mat (GRSM) technique. Total improved surface area is 43,000 square meters, using  total geosynthetic material of 129,000 square meters.
The system was constructed in accordance with Huesker Synthetics GmbH design and specifications, and in conformity with the proposed alignment, grades, elevations and dimensions of the Project. The system used was a combination of different typies of geosynthetics materials (high strength woven fabric and geogrids) to be installed with fill soil from the same site to produce the GRSM system that is necessary to increase the allowable bearing capacity and prevented differential settlements as per the requirements of the structural engineer of the Project. 
Geosynthetic Materials Used:
  • Huesker/ Woven Geotextile/ Stabilenka 150/45
  • Huesker/ Geogrid/ Fortrac 110T


Dhofar Beach Resort & Spa
Taameer Investment (SAOC)
Our Role
Main Contractor For Enabiling Works Package